TBT To My Teen Angst Times

Hi Guys!

I’ve been getting some feedback and requests for personal pictures from my teen angst times, so I made this video collection containing pictures from my freshman year of high school to graduation. These are just some snippets of my personal experiences, some of which I will discuss in later posts. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate to some of these moments, while others I hope you never have to go through. Although I can laugh about it all now, some of these experiences seemed like the end of the world while they were happening.

Keep in mind, whatever teen angst catastrophe you’re going through now, it is only temporary. If I can survive, you can survive.


xx Cat

P.S. the class of 2015 picture is the last one.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
My Teen Angst Journey

One thought on “TBT To My Teen Angst Times

  1. Hey Cat, your slideshow was really well done! Loved seeing all the high school pictures! (I’m still trying to secretly delete my most embarrassing ones) I once tried to return a necklace from an ex boyfriend *cue eye roll* so I totally get where you were coming from with the picture of your pandora ring.


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