Why Am I Doing This?

IMG_9352Blogging has always been something I’ve wanted to try. I have always been someone who journals. Throughout middle school and high school I would on and off keep a journal where I would write my thoughts and eventful things that went on in my crazy  adolescent life. While it helped me remember my feelings about certain situations at the time, it has also provided me with what I have learned through the years. I used my journal to write about fights with my parents, or all the reasons why breaking up with my boyfriend was a good idea. I used it to weigh the pros and cons about important decisions, or remind myself why a certain person in my life was not worth being there.


I never consistently maintained journaling for a long amount of time. I found it difficult to handwrite, because my thoughts raced faster in my mind than my hand could write, and my hand got sore quickly into it. I preferred a way to type my thoughts rather than handwrite them. I didn’t have the courage to start my own blog until it was required in my social media class this semester. I felt uncomfortable with the idea of my thoughts and writing being public and on the internet, so I made excuses to not start one. While this blog may have begun because of a class project, I have thoroughly enjoyed finally documenting my thoughts and hopefully providing an audience with helpful tips for growing up. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to maintain a blog and share my story without the support of my classmates and professor and all their positive feedback.

I didn’t choose the topic of my blog until the night before we had to create it. I went back and forth trying to figure out what I’m “passionate about” and what would be exciting enough for me to write about every week. Initially I thought CONCORD-CCHS-Logo-Update-FINAL-gold-borderdoing a health blog, but then I realized that meant I actually had to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That sounded too difficult. I thought about writing funny stories about crazy things that went on in my high school, but I figured that would have been a little too risqué. Not that I had a wild high school experience, but my specific experience in my snobby, small, town led to some dramatic and heavy times. At least, I narrowed it down to giving advice. I have gone through a multitude of good and bad experiences throughout my adolescents, and while I don’t have to specifically share all my life secrets, I can share what I have learned from them.

I have found this blog to be extremely helpful for myself. Some of the advice and tips I provide on here are things that I know to be true, but have trouble practicing. A lot of these tips are easier said than done, but to write a whole post about why someone should follow this engrains my own advice further into my mind. It’s also helpful to know that with every struggle I have come across in life, I have gained wisdom and knowledge to carry on as I continue forward into my young adult years.

The main audience I hope to target with this blog is middle schoolers, higher schoolers, and college students. According to my stats, most of my audience has come from Tumblr, which is most likely classmates clicking from our SMPA blogroll. A good amount of my audience has also come from Twitter and WordPress.com Reader. I was excited to find that I have some unique visitors from Canada, China, and Bulgaria. To increase my engagement I am going to do these three things: 1) post my blog link every week when a new post is up, 2) have a friend or classmate retweet or share (via Facebook) a blog post they liked, and 3) put my blogs link on my Twitter or Facebook bio.


I highly recommend having some form of expression or way to document  your years being a teenager. While there are obstacles to hitting your adolescents, there is a lot of lessons to be learned. I am a firm believer that everything that happens to us in life is meant to happen for a reason. Every situation and person that we have come across in our lives is put their for a purpose, to teach us something. Everytime something negative happens to you, think to yourself “what have I gained from this?”

xx Cat



4 thoughts on “Why Am I Doing This?

  1. I agree, writing down your thoughts during teenage years is so valuable because you can look back and see how much you have grown. Or what you still struggle with today. I switched from handwritten journals to monthly word documents and sometimes I try to find the exact day (April 10th for example) in an earlier year to see what I was thinking about. I can relate to how you’ve always wanted to start a blog!


  2. Catherine, first of all it’s super cool that you have readers in Canada, Bulgaria, and China! It’s great that you have been able to expand your audience to others outside of our class. I also enjoyed the back story to your blog, because I was a bit curious how you picked the topic of teenage advice. The photo of your old journals was such a great personal touch as well.
    Great read!


  3. First of all, I found your comments on the broad topic of journaling and writing to interesting and easy to relate to. I think writing about things and recording thoughts is so important for growing and looking at yourself and your life. I also find it difficult and sometimes annoying to actually write by hand because my mind will flit around faster that my hand (and because my handwriting is terrible). But at the same time, there is something that feels so much more natural about writing by hand. Very cool that you have readers from outside the U.S. Keep up the great work!


  4. Aww I love this post. I have found your blog to be such a comfort to me this semester. Ironically, I just wrote a feature story for another class on the Joan Didion essay “On Keeping a Notebook.” I always wrote in diaries as a child but lost that because like you, I type much faster than I write. Thank you so much for sharing.


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