Tip #7: As you get older, you will become more appreciative of holiday family time

To those of you that celebrate it, Happy Easter! Since it is a holiday, this weeks post is going to be short because I believe the holidays should be electronic-free. The holidays should be about spending face-to-face time with family and living in the moment.

This weekend I went back home to Massachusetts to spend time with my family; my parents, older sister, and dog. When I was younger I always hated the holidays because that meant I couldn’t see my friends. During my teenage years I was in the mindset that hanging with my parents was lame and I was too cool for them. Now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate time spent with them. This was my first time going back home since winter break and as much as I hate to admit it, I really did miss home (usually I can’t stand going back to my small town where the only thing to do is going to the country store or pickup ice cream at the farm). The three days I was home, I came to realize all the littles things I took for granted about spending time with your family on the holidays.

While I was home this weekend I got amazing home-cooked meals, courtesy of my talented father. How often can you get a well-balanced meal of steak, potato, green beans, Brussel sprouts, and gravy in college? I wish I could have brought it all on the plane with me because it was fantastic. Growing up my dad always made these delicious gourmet meals that he spent his time preparing. Sine going to college and having to buy my own groceries and cook for myself has made me realize how lucky I am to have a father with the skills to cook 5 star meals.


I missed the funny shenanigans that go on in my family, the side that other people don’t really get to see. One night the lamb came out overcooked and my dad decided to put it on the grill outside to cook faster, but in the process of doing so be almost burned the house down. We had to open all the windows to air out the smoke so the fire department didn’t come. Only in my family would we start a fire on Easter. Don’t worry, my dad was not harmed in the making of this photo.


Finally, I realized how blessed I am to have parents that will go through great lengths to ensure I am happy and have the best time with them. My sister is 24, and I am 20, but my mom still makes sure the Easter bunny pays a visit to both of us. This Easter was definitely one of the best because it was filled with laughs, love, and plenty of ice cream and chocolate.

I hope you all add had a relaxing weekend, regardless of if you celebrate Easter or not. I just wanted to share a great weekend I had with my family. Even though most of my friends back at school were spending their time at Virginia Beach going to various frats formals, I was excited to be home and to see my family.

xx Cat



2 thoughts on “Tip #7: As you get older, you will become more appreciative of holiday family time

  1. Hello,
    first of all, happy Easter! I am so glad that you spent a great time with your parents and enjoyed the holiday. I agree with you, spending time with your parents is definitely worth doing. I love holidays when all of the family members come together and laugh. It definitely changes my mood and makes me a happier person! Great blog!


  2. Aww I loved this—Happy Easter (belated)! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go home this year. I definitely miss family traditions like this one. Christmas this year was particularly special but also a bit sad because it was my last Christmas break of college and I know I won’t have as much time to spend home once I’m out of school working.


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