Who Am I?

               I am a 20-year-old woman, who goes by the name of Cat, transitioning from a small rural town in northern  Massachusetts to the city of Washington, DC. I am a current sophomore college student studying Political Science, wimg_7456ith a minor in Journalism and Mass Communication.

               Journaling has always been a passion of mine, as I wanted to record the wisdom I have gained through my own experiences, as well as through my friends and classmates. Coming from a town of 4,000 residents, I grew up in a community where everybody knew their neighbor and your business was the gossip of the town. One could not leave the house without running into an acquaintance or make decisions without the judgement of their peers and the town.

         I chose to go to the George Washington University and move to Washington, DC to surround myself with another environment containing various cultures and a fast urban pace. As I have transitioned into the college life I have reflected on the knowledge I have gained through the experiences I have witnessed or been exposed to. By no means am I saying I’m an expert, just recording my thoughts that could be of help to others.

               This blog is intended for adolescents and teenagers containing words of wisdom, advice, and tips to surviving the transition into adulthood and avoiding catastrophe. These lessons are what I have learned through my years of late middle school to early college. I would love to hear your feedback or any questions you may have for me. For further information about how to contact me please visit my Contact page.

xx Cat